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Not By Bread Alone Radio Presents The "The Resistance Principle' - 5th Topic of The 8-Week Principle Series.

On this episode of our affiliate radio station "Not By Bread Alone", special guest King David the Vessel chat with Radio Host Pacaso about The Resistance Principle.

The Resistance Principle

As I listen to this episode of  "The Resistance Principle", I couldn't help but compare and contrast my own ways back when I carried on with a rebellious life style, but now living with total submission to God. The broadcast was an inspiration for me because I was able to see how far I came from the time I let God have his way in my life.

Radio host Pacaso and special guest "King David tha Vessel" handled the subject from their own perspective. They shared why they believe what keeps people from turning their life over to Jesus Christ and how we ought to assess ourselves when opposing God. Pacaso used as his point of references in the discussion bible scriptures Metthew 10:32, John 1;1-13, Titus 1;15 - 16, James 3;13-15, 2 Peter 2;1-3, and 1 John 2;21-23.

I found that their answers was like numerous and that "uncertainty" and the inability to trust what we could not see was the central point.

Pacaso also challenged "King David tha Vessel" to tell us his testimony in three minutes or lees. I found out that he have a very interesting past to say the least. 

The show came to a conclusion with King David tha Vessel music history and the meaning behind his name. I got to hear his tracks, which are stellar songs without a doubt.  If you are a fan of Christian rap music, I think you are going to love the songs played as well. Pacaso obviously liked them because he broadcast the entire show with songs by King David tha Vessel. Check them out for your self!

Visit King David the Vessel on the web at:

Playlist for the show:

- Sunday’s Best by King David tha Vessel
- Thought About U by King David tha Vessel
- When We Were the Church by King David tha Vessel feat. Shanae Lenore
- Price Tag by King David tha Vessel feat. Cellblok
- Heaven by King David tha Vessel
- Hero by King David tha Vessel
- Love NE Way by King David tha Vessel
- Me2 by King David tha Vessel
- Go Back by King David tha Vessel

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