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Nemesis De Catalyst - Mystery Tour Music Video

Robert Clifford Aymer also known as “Nemesis De Catalyst” is embarking on his music ministry, but not a stranger to Gospel D-jaying or serving within Christian ministry.

In releasing his track and video “Mystery Tour”, it is the aim of Nemesis De Catalyst to take the same spirit of servitude from his years in church ministry into his music ministry that edify the church through Christian entertainment.

In 1993, after seeing some of his friends give their lives to Christ, he accepted the invitation to attend a church service and later became a Christian. This period provided him with a real sense of grounding within his life and in Christian ministry.

He served in various offices, gradually moving up the ministerial ranks from layperson – to usher, to Youth leader. He led in various auxiliaries, became a prayer chaplain and finally served in the pastoral office, assuming responsibility for a church that had branches in the Caribbean and the UK.

Having become a Christian, his ability to free style (in a reggae style) was noted by the leadership of the church and being in a church with strong Caribbean influences he was often called upon spontaneously to perform his lyrics.

However, the work of the ministry remained at the forefront of his endeavors within the church and it was not until several years later that he took the next steps in pursuing his musical gifting and dream.

In 2011, after close to 20 years of ministry service Nemesis released his first album entitled Flesh Wars, which highlighted the conflict between the flesh and the Spirit, as found in Galatians 5.

He has now released a single from his new album Still Standing Strong, an album that contains material from his early church days as well as more recent material.

The first release is entitled Mystery Tour, and the song is about how we are journeying through this "mystery" called life, passing through experiences which we cannot predict because we have not passed this way (or lived our lives) before.

It is like what Joshua said to the people as they entered the Promised Land in Joshua 3:4, for ye have not passed this way heretofore.

In the same way that the people needed the Lord to guide them with a cloud by day and fire by night in the days of Moses, the people also needed the priests to go before them with the Ark of the Covenant so that they could know the way to go. Therefore, we also need the Lord to be our tour guide (so to speak) on this Mystery Tour.

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