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New Music Marketing Website With Even More Hard Working Music Executives!

It’s that time of the season where we upgrade to showcase our artists and those we represent through our media services.

Devine Jamz Gospel Network has launched a music marketing website that replaced our parent website and domain name from to

Likewise, we added to our staff of team leaders two pioneer promoters Michael Bell, CEO of a record label and Jenny Morales, AKA “The Queen of Promoters”.

Why A New Platform?

web design
The new site has a smooth and clean appearance. It allows us to update our functionality with tons of plugins. It shows artists that we are forever seeking what’s in the best interest of their product. And finally a great looking site contributes to our goal of selling music.

We give thanks to Giovanni who is the team leader of our web development tasks. He worked hard selecting and installing the site, making our logo brand, and providing the needed customizations and maintenance.

We likewise thank our founder and CEO Brother Ray for providing the monetary sponsorship it takes to purchase a domain name, new host, and for the costs it takes to keep our sites dynamic!

Last however not least, we express our thanks to Brenda the General Manager of Operations for her devotion and incalculable hours spent running the day-to-day operations. Together we have an exceptionally honored marketing system that edifies the Kingdom of God.

About The New Staff Members

The new staff members bring to the network more than 4o years of involvement in the music business. The objective is for artists to profit from the promotions and services our new pioneers will add to our marketing ministry.

Michael Bell – Head Record Label Liaison

Michael Bell - Record Label Promoter
Michael Bell is a record producer, music composer, musician, radio promoter, and CEO of an Independent Record Label. Michael has been in the music business for more than thirty years and is all that much joined with numerous music experts.

He started his expert vocation as a young man-playing guitar for probably the dearest names in R&B and Soul such as David Ruffin, Tyrone Davis, Laura Lee, and numerous others.

Lately, he has been concentrating in digital music especially mobile music distribution, in which he is a pioneer in the area of real music ring tones. Michael has by and by created a lot of Warner Music's ring tone inventory and many indie artists such as Arcade Fire, Tamalaneh, Jelixa, and The Civil Wars. His work is appropriated through iTunes and the greater part of the significant cell phone industry such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and MetroPCS.

When Michael isn't traveling around the nation playing and producing live shows, Michael can be found working diligently in his studio at Belltime Productions in Michigan. He can likewise be found concentrating on songwriting or producing up-and-coming vocal artists.

Because Michael makes a living in both production and the distribution of music, he spends as much time on technology as he does on the singing and songwriting. And now Michael will contribute his expertise to Devine Jamz Gospel Network where he will provide our mix and mastering service, serve as an agent for our artists that he provide paid gigs for, and as a record label consultant. We are very blessed to have Michael aboard our team and we are pleased to share is gifts and talents with those we serve.

Jenny Morales – Head Promotion Liaison

Jenny Morales - Indie Artist Promoter
Jenny Morales, an ASCAP Lyricist and bilingual Indie Artist Promoter is known as “The Queen of Promo”. If anybody knows how to promote independent artists on the hot blog spots, communities, social sites, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and alike, "The Queen of Promo" does. Jenny is the heart and face of promotions and is a very dedicated hard worker who doesn't believe in leaving out any possibilities. 

Jenny has been in the 1% on LinkedIn for three years now. Through her voice and position, it allows artists and their music to be heard and connected to potential fans, bookings, and music professionals! When it comes down to promoting the artists and their music, Jenny Morales is relentless! Whatever outlets are available to the clients, Jenny will surely pursue it. Without a doubt she certainly will accomplish her goals at Devine Jamz Gospel Network. Jenny Morales is whom artists want on their team. She’s a perfect blend to our network and we are blessed to have her on our staff of team leaders!

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