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A Father’s Duty - Examined On Christian Radio Talk Show

Christian Radio Talk Show Presents "A Father's Duty"

On this week’s show of “Not By Bread AlonePacaso and Kingdom Taking tackle the topic “A Father’s Duty”. We’re in time where it’s even more important that Father’s raise their children up to fear the Lord and to teach them to own their faith. They discuss the difference between a Father and a Dad and are the terms interchangeable. They ask the question, what are God's priorities for Fathers? Is it curse to be a Father in these times or a blessing?

In their second segment, they have a series of questions about the many chaotic things that are happening in our nation. They talk about Planned Parenthood getting caught selling baby body parts, the Sandra Bland Case, the Baphomet statue revealed in Detroit and much more.

Last but not least, here is the playlist for the show:

- Part of the Problem by Jerrell Golden
- Where I Been by Frontline Soldiers feat. Paul G
- Through the Hard Times by Pacaso Ramirez
- The World That We Live in by Faith Alone feat. Chris O’Bryan
- Cults by The I.O.G. feat. S.O.D.
- Set It Off by Bro-Va
- Out on the Edge by Russ Shanks feat. Mike Guess
- Them Stripes by Kingdom Taking
- Eternity by Rich Righteous

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