Recents in Beach

Worship Dance Music from Reyer and Boat Angel

A remix song written from Boat Angel Outreach Center.

Reyer is a remixer DJ who has remixed God's Great Dance Floor for Chris Tomlin that has more than 3 million YouTube Views. He likewise does projects for Switchfoot, Hillsong and numerous other Christian Bands.

Boat Angel is an organization that produces the Adventures of Donkey Ollie an animated feature that is in more than 800 million homes around the world. They also operate outreach in Ethiopia and over 70 local leaders share the gospel through books and soccer camps. Boat Angel funds the projects through boat donations and has produced the TV shows Hollywood Makeover for teenagers and Adventures of Donkey Ollie for children. These shows are distributed free of charge.

Boat Angel Outreach Center hopes to release new worship project for children through Capital Distribution Group in Nashville.

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