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MVP - An Exclusive Christian Rap Remix By Pookie wit tha Uzi

Adrian Logan AKA Pookie wit tha Uzi
Featured spotlight artist Pookie wit tha Uzi has been in the studio developing another exclusive track for his “Non-Prophet” project. 

The song is titled “MVP” and is now ready to download for fans of Christian rap and hip hop music! Devine Jamz Gospel Network Featured Spotlight Artist has done it again! 


The concept for this project is to provide an alternative Christian version of the song “6-man” created by secular hip-hop artist “Drake”. The secular version of the song speaks about NBA player Lou Williams who mastered his craft with excellence as one of the top 6-man basketball player in the NBA.

MVP - Exclusive Christian Rap Remix By Pookie wit tha Uzi
Similarly, Pookie wanted to pay tribute to NBA player Stephen Curry who earned the 2015 NBA “Most Valuable Player of the Year” award. However, Pookie felt a deep connection with Curry’s achievement because he’s a Jesus-loving husband and father just as he is. And just like Pookie, Curry is known for a humility forged as a young boy growing up in N.C. He has devout Christian parents that began each morning with a required family devotional time before school.

“As Christians we are all most valuable players in the body of Christ and should perform in such way", stated Pookie.

"MVP" is about performing and striving towards excellence as a Christian disciple. Pookie’s role is to help change the carnal thinking of those in his cohort and those who are fans of secular rap music.

How To Get MVP And More MP3's Free

Place cursor over the "Aweber" tab on the right horizontal side of the video. Then, click on the Aweber tab to sign up to receive the new Christian remix “MVP” (MP3) and other hot tracks by Pookie wit tha Uzi!

You will instantly receive "MVP", then we will send you other free tracks every other day. You only need to sign up this one time to receive all of the future tracks, so don't worry about the headache with extra sign up requests. Pookie wit tha Uzi will give you "Inside The Song" details through his video messages so you can learn the reason for creating his projects! Get started now and sign up this one time only! Click on the "Aweber" tab on the custom video above!

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