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Allow me to switch into the lane of spiritual movies for a moment family. There is nothing like a laid back weekend watching inspirational movies with your spouse or friends and a veggie platter to nibble on! Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea to consider for this weekend! If that sounds like a winner to you, our partners over at Spiritual Cinema Circle has tons of movies to watch including a Free DVD. From the comfort of your own home you can watch Inspirational movies that will have you using all sorts of emotions from sad to laughing out loud!

What I like about these guys the most is that they are like indie Christian artists, musicians, producers, marketers, and labels. They uncover what you most likely would not see at big screen theaters. 

Christian movies don’t often get the recognition as they should, so most likely we miss out on a major opportunity to watch great production work. All things considered, at Devine Jamz Gospel Network we are about offering the Gospel inside a system of numerous artistic believers. Every level of faith through many different cultures you will find believers expressing their love for Christ. Viewing films by Spiritual Cinema Circle has kept me hooked on the great acting and production work. They also have documentaries worthy of viewing.  

Coincidentally, have any of you recording artists ever thought about submitting music to leaders in the film industry? 

When you’re a TuneCore Music Publishing Administration and Music Distribution client, your compositions will be available to Music Supervisors for worldwide sync licensing opportunities in TV, Film, Commercials, Video Games, and more. Click on the link at:

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