Recents in Beach

Its not how hard you get knock down! It's About Your Get Up!

Christian Blog Contributor Dale Cook At:
[Christian Blog Contributor Dale Cook] Problems, they're as common as dirt or catching the flu. Life is complicated and messy sometimes. Life challenges us more than anything. Being prepared, planning and prayer do help. However, no amount of planning or praying can keep things running perfectly at all times in life.

Let’s do away with one important issue from the start. We do not live in a perfect world. Our ancestors saw to that. Adam was a rebellious man. Well, no use crying over spilt and curdled milk.

Life events take its toll on us. It seems like we get hit time after time. You may ask yourself, how can I get up? Do I have enough strength? I am good person, why is this happening to me?

Well, will you come with me as we discuss this?

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