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GregoryD and Company Will Showcase On Satellite And Cable TV The Week of June 1, 2015

GregoryD and Company TV Airplay Campaign At:!tv-airplay/c1vyd
About The Artist - Greg DeMyers Jr. is a cutting-edge gospel musician, songwriter, and artist in the Lansing, MI region. Currently his group GregoryD and Company ministers throughout the city and its outskirts.

Beginning June 1st, 2015 Gregory will get his big break to air his official music video "He's Good" to more than 14 million fans with satellite and digital TV access. Through Devine Jamz Gospel Network’s Satellite And Cable TV Showcase, Gregory's video will receive air-time for a entire week on our affiliate TV Series "Christian Music Videos". The campaign includes sveral other features to ensure the video will receive maximum exposure and content marketing to help with the sells of songs.

The music video "He's Good" is a confirmation that GregoryD and Company is positively gifted and has an anointing to attract an audience! Tons of viewers will hear his voice on a worldwide platform and we are exceptionally glad Gregory selected our signature TV Campaign to present his project.

Selection Process: 
TV Airplay Campaign

GregoryD and Company was among the few talented recording artists that was selected from the various videos we receive daily. Click on the TV Airplay link to view more about submissions and qualifications!

The TV Campaign Includes:

  • An entire week of television airtime on popular, targeted, satellite and cable TV networks.

  • We replay the video at a later date based on our program schedule.

  • More than 14 million household viewers have access to watch your creative performances internationally!

  • As if that wasn’t enough, our cutting edge publishers promote your upcoming TV Showcase using publicity blogs and publishing on the popular Gospel Music Public Relations platform, Gospel Music Entertainment News platform, and many social media networks and bookmarking websites.

  • Tons of followers and the general public will be prepared to view your big event internationally. Our optimized Content Management System and Online Gospel Music News platforms receive a great niche following that can catapult your television showcase to another level.

  • Ultimately, we will present your project with the professional services it deserves!

Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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