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Lady DC Mobile Ministries, INT - Taking It To The Streets!

Evangelist Lawanta Douglass Taking Ministry To The Streets!

Evangelist Lawanta Douglass Taking it To The Streets At:
Lawanta Douglass has preached and featured on Devine Jamz Gospel Network "Round Table Radio Talk Show" where she often max out the listening capacity. She is a dear companion to the staff, a pioneer to old and current followers, and a spiritual associate to our founder. Evangelist Douglass was ordained and licensed in 1996 under the initiative of Evangelist Herbert Bartley of the River of Life Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida. Upon release, she ventured out to many parts of the country lecturing the uncompromising word of God.

In 2014, God bestowed upon Evangelist Lawanta "Lady DC Mobile Ministries, INT" to help take her ministry to the streets. Regardless of what state or country she travel to, her service is still accessible through the innovative use of technology and mobile devices.

The central goal is to travel inside the US and Internationally to bring Christ back into our communities. The ministry likewise go to different neighborhoods with a specific end goal to support the destitute, give sustenance and clothing to aid families who are in need. The focus is on the unbelievers, the excommunicated from society, and the misfits. Lawanta believes if people allow the adoration and loyalty of Christ work in them, communities can improve and have a better quality of life. Individuals will more likely walk with self-assurance as they receive a positive and beneficial state of mind.

Presently, Evangelist Lawanta is winning more souls with her ability to multi task. For more information and/or to become a part of a God ordained ministry, contact the office of Evangelist Lawanta Douglass at 813-455-5520 or email ladydouglassmin(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  1. Blessings! Please call me at 813-455-5520 (Evangelist Douglass) now Crawford