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Partner With Us And Receive Content Marketing And Publishing Services!

Be apart of a remarkable music marketing team and receive content marketing and publishing on a responsive and sponsored Content Management System and more!
 Content Marketing And Publishing Partnership At:
Simply let us know what services you will exchange for our content marketing and publishing services and we will review your offer for consideration. If accepted we will agree to a "Cross Promotion Partnership".

What exactly is cross promoting?

Cross promoting is a form of marketing promotion where customers of one business or organization are targeted with promotions by another business or organization. The exchange services involve two or more companies working together to promote each other. Both parties benefit from the exchanged mutual agreement. 

  • We collaborate with Indie record labels, managers, promoters, producers, entertainment companies, radio stations, music reviewers, marketers, web master, media companies, attorneys, and representatives that promote Christian artists and Gospel music.

  • We also work with other multi-media businesses that provide services or products that is relevant to our mission and purpose.

 Content Marketing And Publishing Partnership At:
What are the benefits for receiving our cross promoting partnership?

  • We provide our partners with "Publicity" publishing on our Content Management Systems that is ranked and indexed by Google and receive sponsored ads by a major advertising company.

  • We provide publishing on our active Gospel Music Entertainment News Website that is distributed on a weekly basis to our social network followers and subscribers. 

  • We also promote streaming SoundCloud music that's on our digital media players and listed on multiple websites and an advertising portal with 4 huge marketing networks.

  • We advertise your company-linked logo or banner on websites for added publicity and conversions.

Click the get started now button and use the form to let us know what you will exchange through a Cross Promotion Partnership.

You can also request for “Cross Promotion Partnership” by email at: devinejamz(at)yahoo(dot)com

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