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Connecting With Fans Using Rdio!

Connect With Fans Using Rdio At:
Since 2012, Rdio has broadened their reach for artists and fans. At the heart of Rdio is the conviction that artists should be paid for their work. As far as they are concern, without artists there is no craftsmanship. I suppose this is why Rdio created programs that energize both artists and their fans. Rdio's "Artist Program" is an incentive to procure cash while building a closer relationship with fans. And as you may know, it's important to establish a relationship with your fans so that they will have a deeper purpose for purchasing your music.

Artist has a one of a kind association with music. One that your fans are energetic to take after. You can share your musical tastes to the world and earn income that supplements the current royalty structure already in place with distributors that license your music.

The Rdio Artist Program represents a significant duty to supporting the artist community. It cooperates with labels and fans to make a manageable and engaging model that benefits everybody included.

To get involved, go to Rdio and sign up for an account. After you create an account go to the bottom of the page/footer and click on "Artists" link. Once you land on the "Artists Program" page you will find more instructions on how to get started!

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