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Spirit 2 Spirit - Two Brothers That Created "Message Music"

Spirit 2 Spirit at
[Submitted Article] God cannot and will not be denied His Glory. Judgment is reserved for Him alone and for His purpose. We all have gifts and talents knowingly and unknowingly. If used for His service, they will bring fruit.

Spirit 2 Spirit

Not many former mentally institutionalized addicts and convicted felons have much of a mind left, much less write and sing in hopes to encourage and inspire others. Truly I am saved by grace. And I want the world to know you too can be saved.

Spirit 2 Spirit are visionary brothers, Michael and Denny Jenkins, based in Capital Heights Md. We are a faith-based organization that believes music is a medium unmatched in reaching the masses. We believe our approach to music and ministry is unique in nature and possesses a profound magnetism in the faith based community. Our Mission is to not only develop the musical gifts and talents of our targeted audience, but to build a spiritual foundation and partnership as well. Our music, felloship, and other resources promote independent living and support humanitarian causes. Spirit 2 Spirit are advocates and innovators of "Message Music".

What Is Message Music?

Message Music, created by Spirit 2 Spirit, is a new and unique genre of music consisting of a clever mixture of a variety of music genres including gospel. Message Music is Christian-Faith-based music with a uniquely fresh appeal for listeners. People of diverse cultures, various age groups, races, and religious backgrounds can embrace this music.

We are now building an advocacy network. This network is made up with faith-based community service organizations and business groups. The purpose is to provide musical aid to both young and old that's interested in the community program. Participants will have an opportunity to pursue, develop and share their gifts in a training school setting. Classes includes learning about vocal songs, liturgical dance, instrumental music, creative writing, and audio and video recording. 

Spirit 2 Spirit Short Bio

Often dubbed “The Earth, Wind, And Fire of Gospel”, the driving force behind Spirit 2 Spirit are two brothers, Michael and Denny Jenkins. Together the two have over 50 years of musical experience. Michael plays bass, keyboards, and percussion. He's also skilled with lead and background vocals. He is a truly blessed lyrical writer, arranger personified, and a technical engineer. His creativeness in digital recording, editing, and mastering allows him to get the best out of an individual (not limited to musical or vocal artists). He takes on the challenges that producers and writers face creating a viable product. Denny, is a percussionist who uses the keyboards to enhance his song writing ability. His strength lies in his lyric writing and arrangements. Ho also sings lead and background vocals. He is a poetic publisher that performs and produce with humility. He remains humble and modest regardless of the hype often associated with success in the musical industry. He wants most of all to make a contribution to God’s creation that in some way helps in the healing process and share with anyone willing to listen.

Best Always,

Denny Jenkins

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