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Devine Jamz Gospel Network Add To The Roster Christian Rap Artist “Pookie Wit Tha Uzi”

Christian Rap Artist Adrian Logan otherwise called “Pookie Wit Tha Uzi”

This astonishing recording artist has earned his way to our spotlight and is now receiving our full marketing representation!

Adrian "Pookie" Logan has a musical style and methodology that is positively inclining in the hip-hop culture. All the more imperatively, his lyrics are anointed by God and give the ideal showcasing to attract his audience!

Through different trials and the inability to properly handle troublesome circumstances, society has marked the new Christian Rap Artist as a gang banger. Yet he has decided to overlook what is behind and strain toward what is in store.

Adrian has acknowledged his assignment to spread the Lord's truth with his musical gifts! He is gainfully employed and he's a member of New Bethel Independent Church in Forest City, NC. He attributes his change due to God’s grace and mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Pookie Wit Tha Uzi” Debut Album "Psalms 33:3 (Songs of Izreal)" And His Singles Are Listed With “The Best of Amazon's Featured Christian Indie Recording Artists” at Devine Jamz Gospel Network. 

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