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Can You Promise Your Potential Fans Quality And Consistency?

Creating your brand
Well that’s what the essence of branding is! 

The idea is to be so consistent with the quality and presentation of your performance that it will cause fans and consumers to trust that your project is well worth the purchase! Promoting your online content to fans should produce the same quality affect as your offline event.

So lets discuss some of the key areas where you need to get started building your brand online. If you are like us at Devine Jamz Gospel Network, it will be a continuous endeavor that you will want to work on till the end of time! We should all be willing to learn new ideas and ways to perfect our calling!

1. Creating a logo that corresponds to your service, product, or story behind the brand:

A. Make a list of metaphors visually and in text!

B. Go through magazines and cut out images that you think are similar of what you are thinking of.

C. Start sketching and see what symbols that you come up with over and over again.

D. You can give what you come up with to a designer to use as the root for your logo image.

2. Important tactics:

A. Test your service or product

At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we use an Internet Sales tactic, which is incorporated with one of our paid promotions that many marketers has been successful with for decades.

B. Make sure your product looks good

If you’re an artist, then you are the product and service that needs to be marketed. That means you should not be using substandard images of your self for a press release or publicity platform. Invest in professional photos of your self because your image can determine if you will be taken seriously.

C. Target your niche

This might require that you receive professional help if you are not familiar with using paid marketing tools by Facebook Ad Campaign, Google Adwords, Twitter Ad Service, YouTube Video Marketing, or Bing. You need to know how to find the people in your audience that likes your style of music and purchase music online. These are the individuals that you should be spending the most time with online. Having a contact list with 5,000 friends and none of them or very few of them purchased your songs means something is wrong with the way you obtained the people on your list.

D. Online videos – A leading tool used to affect your pitch! When used the correct way, we have found it to be very successful speaking to your fans. It will help you get closer to your audience and build a rapport.

E. Responding to social networks – You must find a way to communicate to your audience. Your fans want to build a relationship with you. They require a deeper purpose for buying your music. At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we have a way that artists can communicate with fans individually and personally in an automated and systematic way. We help free up your time so that you can focus on other areas where your attention is demanded.

F. Determine which social media to use for a specific demographic

These are some key principles that will help your brand and eventually build your fan base. Through diligence and patience you will see the rewards for being consistent and providing quality service and/or products!

For more training on this subject a great online course can be seen on the video in this blog post.

Brother Ray
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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