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Learn An Internet Marketing Strategy Before Giving Away Your Music Free

Giving away your music sounds counter-intuitive doesn't it?

We completely comprehend why numerous musicians would believe so! Truth be told, many artists we provided services for did not like giving away their music initially. After all, who wants to give away something that they worked hard at creating and investing money in. I can say the same for marketers who rather get paid for the diligent work they provide for clients as opposed to offering free music public relations services as we do at Gospel Music Public Relations! However, there are some advantages to giving out free tracks or offering free publicity services. 

Building A Fan Base On a Tight Budget

Learn An Internet Marketing Strategy
Although major record labels are not impressed by indie artists giving away free tracks. They don't have to market music as non-mainstream artists do on a smaller budget. In the online course provided by Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0, artists learn Internet sales strategies that suggest free tracks has its purpose. First, it’s great for establishing a rapport with potential fans. Secondly, this methodology increases the likelihood of fans sharing your music through word of mouth. You receive free advertising that helps push your music. Word of mouth advertising is similar to street teams, which is more reliable when the advertisement comes from a friend. After building a rapport, eventually, a purchase is requested.

Now, the procedure is not as basic as I just explained it. In fact, there is an exchange process where the artist receives valuable information first! Likewise, it would be exceptionally hard to truly correspond with huge amounts of fans as the request for free music increase. Therefore, the system includes an automated software tool and specially designed web pages that do the work for you! The process is explained in details in the MMM 3.0 course. So, it’s recommended to go through the course your self.

Other Music Businesses That Teach The Same Strategy

In addition to Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0, we also researched a ranking music business listed at the top of Google's search engines (the video above). And guess what, it includes Internet marketing with the same strategy as detailed in the Music Marketing Manifesto course! Not only that, you will find that Lynda(dot)com offer many other online video tutorials that Music Marketing Manifesto does not offer.

Keep us posted and let us know what you decide! Many blessings and we pray you receive divine favor whatever you decide!

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