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Gospel Singer Christopher Gray Releases New Album

Gospel Singer Christopher Gray
Christopher Gray is a multi - cultural instrumentalist, composer, producer, and recording artist. Being the sixth of seven siblings, he originates from an extremely skilled group of vocalists and artists. Christopher was brought up in the inward city of Jackson, MS USA. Through the difficult times and battles with destitution, Christopher frequently recollects one of the most important moments of his life! It was what he believes a calculated and on time decision that his mother invested in him and his siblings. She obtained a portable keyboard with a wide range of tunes in it that was culturally diverse. This was the beginning of his destiny. 

Amid his initial years, he started to compose and form different works. He received a vast amount of recognition from music programs at the schools he went to from elementary school to the university level. Not realizing that he would one day be an artist, he generally considered himself as "only a pianist". He was really great at it to! But the Lord led him even further. He also took voice lessons not knowing precisely why he was doing so. And then trials begin to test him! While in his early adult years, Christopher was in a battle with himself. He was unable to keep a job and it left him feeling lost in the world.

So Christopher established a relationship with the Lord and it opened his eyes! He received the vision to pursue his purpose. Christopher began to lead the praise and worship services at his church, which he played the piano and sang. It explained the reason why God had him take vocal lessons that he once couldn’t explain why he was doing so. With the added learned skill he rapidly began to grow! He created his first solo collection “So You Can Receive”, which is in stores now. From that point forward Christopher has released 1 single “I Need You”, which also is accessible on iTunes. You can believe that God has more in store for this blessed musical performer! Get connected today!

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