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Christmas Songs in July?

Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters of Seattle Proudly Presents: "Christmas in July"

Why July?

If you follow yearly event calendars for artists, you will notice that their managers actively search for new Christmas songs generally from May to August. But the optimal month for this search is July, and the music industry has officially named "Christmas in July" as their yearly event for finding these new songs for Christmas albums, which are published and into the hands of consumers by mid-to-end-of October.

AOCS is ready: we have the most astounding, never-heard-before collection of Christmas praise and worship songs, all written by up-and-coming rising and professional songwriters.

We will be presenting our collection of new Christmas praise and worship songs to artists, worship leaders, and industry professionals at our 3rd quarter Praise Night that we also call "Christmas in July".

Since Christmas is the time for surprises, we will have plenty! Be prepared for amazing, heartwarming songs, surprise guests, 'warm fuzzies', Christmas goodies, "Behind the Song" stories and the best new Christmas songs in the Northwest!

The date of our event is Saturday, July 18, the place is Seattle, Washington, and the time will be from 4pm to 6pm. As usual, this event is free and open to the public.

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Merry Christmas!


Wear your scarf and mittens!

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