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Helpful Marketing Resource With Front Line Articles

Helpful Marketing Resource

New Marketing Resource

If you enjoy the gospel music entertainment news we publish in our weekly newspaper. I think you will appreciate the helpful marketing front line articles published in Devine Jamz Digital Magazine. It has tons of “do-it-yourself” marketing tips, strategies, and resources all in one location. The forefront articles are elegantly composed and reviewed before they are published. We have searched out the best of the best to provide for you mindfulness on how organizations showcase their products and services.

Easy To Read Language

One thing I can guarantee, you don’t need a four-year degree to learn many of the techniques you will find in the articles. No, what you need is the will power to 
learn what you may not be interested in. That includes reading the fundamentals about marketing. At the very least, you should be aware of what indie record labels define as “marketing” in their services. As stated in Hosea 4:6 “My people are ruined for lack of knowledge”. I mean that from the context of not taking advantage of free data that teach you what you should know about various marketing techniques. 

Working Together

Devine Jamz Gospel Network has bent over backwards sharing knowledge learned from doing the research and taking time out of our lives to receive the training. Yet numerous artists still approach us with the goal of receiving free marketing services notwithstanding what we as of now accommodate for free! Let me say this, if you are one of those Christians who are focused only on yourself. Step back and re-examine yourself! There are many parts to the body of Christ and each part depends on each other. What makes you think that marketers can survive based on total free services? Even some with a 501(c) need donations to help maintain a ministry or business.

Unfortunately, some of you have been taken advantage of by a few record labels, businesses, and promoters who prey on those that don’t understand the marketing industry. They tell you they will provide top of the line marketing, but they don’t tell you that’s after you sell so many records on your own first. After they create your fancy web page and list your music in iTunes, you’re left with all the work of creating marketing strategies and pushing the music yourself. It’s not surprising because truth be told that’s one of the ways of knowing for sure that they will get a return on what they will invest in you through marketing services. However, the approach sometimes is very deceptive and not straightforward. Well, here is the opportunity to learn how to ask the right questions regarding marketing and what to look for before signing a contract.

We do our best providing freebies, but at certain levels of our services we also need a return on investment so we can keep the platforms running. The founder and financial investor of Devine Jamz Gospel Network certainly are not in it for the wealth! That’s proven by the low and affordable rates we offer Christian ministries. Yet, getting in debt and taking food from the table to market artists is not in the plans either.

You Save By Learning More

So, unless you are going to pay those that deserve to be compensated for doing what benefits you both. I propose you begin perusing free marketing resources every moment you can. The great thing is that you have us as an advocate who want to see you win in this spiritual fight! We will put marketing resources in our magazine in one location where you can easily retrieve the content. Once you start learning some of the easy do-it-yourself marketing techniques, you will gain confidence to take on more challenges. Please let us know if this has been of some help through your comment!

Brother Ray, A.
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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