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Competitive TV Advertising Rates at
Did you know that you could get competitive TV commercial rates? Devine Jamz Gospel Network collaborated with a partner to handle a wide assortment of projects for those that are seeking TV coverage on prime time TV, cable, and satellite dish.

Blur Group handle a wide variety of projects including projects in the following categories: TV, Radio, Broadcasting, Design, Marketing, Content, Art, Innovation, Technology, Legal and Accounting.

Blur Group services are very useful for our clients, followers, and cross promoting partners who don’t have the resources. They are the
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recommended provider for our TV commercials and specialized projects!

There are more than 30,000 agencies and firms in our exchange from all over the world who can provide any business with; TV and radio, web design, app design, marketing strategies, content, video, logo design, branding, PR, SEO, digital campaigns, lead generation - and much more.

Statistically, users of blur Group save about 25% by using the exchange. Finding professionals utilizing this system saves a lot of money, since they are competing with one-another for your business.

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