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New Music Marketing Platform Puts Featured Artists in The Spotlight!

This Christmas Devine Jamz founder needed to do something exceptionally extraordinary for our featured artists! Along the lines, he introduced a new music-showcasing platform that put our artists in the spotlight!

The platform was not created based on looks and fancy bells! No, it's what Direct Marketing is all about! It concentrates on creating traffic, SEO techniques, seperate landing pages embedded, building a targeted fan base, and eventually creating conversions (units sales).

With such a variety of artists looking for record deals, one approach to emerge above others is to get an extensive reliable fan base that likewise buy your music! It's a dependable fact that record labels expect a ROI (return on investment). Unless you are able to persuade them to use millions on promoting and marketing your music you have to first begin persuading your fans that your music is worth acquiring!

In a recent survey conducted by Tunecore, they solicited Label Management on Current State of The Music Industry.

Live performance was the favorite across the board. But licensing and paid downloads claimed second and third place.

Distribution Without A Label | 64.66% rated the importance of digital distribution as the #1 or #2 most significant and beneficial change in the music industry. Online fans are buying a great deal of music!

Once more, getting a record deal would be pleasant! However what will you do meanwhile?

We help our artists through Direct Marketing while they do what they do off line creating sells!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas saints and enjoy the remainder of the holidays!

Support Team

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