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[Free Publicity Blog Post] Carlton C Thomas, vocalist and musician, was conceived in Howells Content, a village near the parish capital, May Pen, Clarendon. Presently, Carlton lives in Houston, Texas. He has in excess of forty years in the music business. He is a men's wear Fashion Designer by calling and worked in that industry in excess of thirty years in Jamaica and Canada. Yet, Carlton still find time to take part in something that he is enthusiastic about, which is composing and singing tunes.

He began singing in churches, Sunday schools and youth clubs from the age of seven. By the age of fifteen (15) he and the lead artist Marcel Williams alongside Kernel Nelson began the group called "The Junketeers" where they recorded their first single entitled "Jail I as You Like."

The tune was composed by Roy Beckford who was a pioneer of the [slickers] who sang "Johnny U Too Bad.” Marcel Williams moved to Canada, Errol Melvin join the gathering, and their new name was The Third Generation. "Tommy CCT", the new lead artist, helped create the first single titled, “Out Where the Sun Shines''. G. G. recording disseminated the project. The LP was done and release in England. A single from the LP “Keep on Moving” was at 30 on the top 100 in England.

Notwithstanding, he didn't have the enthusiasm to keep singing at the club any longer and he subsequently took a rest from the music scene for around eight years.

Amid that break he did some spirit looking and found his actual purpose and gave his life to the Lord. In 1996, he turned into a Christian and was motivated by the Lord to compose, sing and produce gospel music; therefore he transitioned from common music to gospel and recorded such melodies as Oh Why, Enemy, Too Late, Discipline and many others.

He is grateful to God for the persuasion, as he keeps on writing gospel melodies to inspire the eras as far and wide as possible. As a Christian he committed his life to work in the vineyard to change the lives of his brothers and sisters, to energize the individuals who are hurting and reinforce them in the Lord. He is anointed by the Lord and believes there is no more prominent affection than the adoration for God. So he would sway everybody to taste and see that the Lord is good. We can't do anything without him.

Carlton is presently married and exists in Houston Texas where he proceeds with composing, singing and producing inspiring music.

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