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Indie artists: 'tis the season for new listeners

It's Christmas time and what better way for indie artists to get maximum exposure than as a Christmas gift? It's a well known fact that music sales spike with the Christmas holiday, why not have your EP, single or project be a part of this year's drive.

Re-gifting is a terrible idea...have your friends and family share your amazing project as a Christmas gift for someone else and link yourself to a new audience, new listeners and potentially new fans and supporters.

Not sure your hard copies will make it through the mail in time for Christmas? Create download codes for purchase instead. Want to really boost sales for Christmas? Special, holiday pricing never hurts and could prove to be the boon your project sales needs!

Also, in the truest spirit of Christmas, you can also choose to 'gift' your music to new listeners. The end game for recording an album should include connections to the public in mind. Should you find yourself in need of a new or extended audience, "free" will always 'sell'. You may also consider a performance at a local nursing home or rehab facility. The spirit of gratitude overflowing at these residences will bless not only the residents, but you as well.

This is the perfect time to put your project in the hands of new listeners, regardless of the price point. As a 12 year old, getting Kirk Franklin & the Family "Christmas" meant everything to me! "Silent Night", my favorite song from the project was the radio single. I remember listening to the whole album until March of the next year! For listeners who've bought your single and not the album, this is also a compelling time for them to experience your full length album.

That album made that Christmas one of the most memorable of my life. Choose this year to make Christmas memorable for not only you, but for your new fans!

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