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Collect Revenues From Your YouTube Videos
Our marketing affiliate collects revenues for artists that have Google ads on YouTube videos. If you created original music yourself and are not signed to a label, your content may be eligible for monetization (earning money).

There was a time that you had to own a website or a Content Management System in order to earn revenue from Google ad services. Google also required that you had to have an Adsense account to collect earnings. 

Now artists who may not be savvy in web publishing can!

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To obtain the service there is a low, one-time setup fee of $25 for all your current and future sound recordings and you keep 80% of collected revenue! That's not a bad deal for a one-time low fee!

The more exposure and views your video(s) get the greater your revenue increase! At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we help our featured artists get more video exposure by posting them on our 5 different marketing websites including our YouTube channel that has over 1,320 followers that supports us!

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