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Where Are The Holy Hip-Hop Artists? TuneCore Published Hip Hop As The #1 Genre Leading Their Revenues and Releases In Their Market Place!

Whether folks like it or not, God is utilizing various sorts of inventive styles of music to achieve humanity with his uplifting news! Tragically, there are still some that decline to acknowledge Christian hip-hop as a style of worshiping and believe it ought not have a spot in the congregation. Regardless of the fact that the verses are fixated on the great commission, which is to spread the good news about Jesus Christ and to make disciples. Some are still stuck on religion and their conventional ways!

In any case, Tunecore has advanced that hip-hop music is at front and paving the way in their major distribution and publishing company. Although their hip-hop infograph does not specify which of the hip-hop artist’s proclaims Christ in their life. You can wager that the hip-hop culture incorporates Christian rap artists, singers, songwriters, musicians, and spoken word artists. We will share with you on our next blog a list of websites where you can find tons of artists that incorporate hip-hop in their ministry!

So to every one of you Christian artists who are putting in work by way of hip-hop, continue doing your thing and appeal to God for the individuals who talk against you! God will inevitably place them under control! The bible says, “When a man’s ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him” (Proverbs 16:7).

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