TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition Feature - Perfect For Promoting Music, TV, And Movies!

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Artists no longer need to wait on other media platforms to announce your music when playing! 

TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition feature detects music from headsets of a iOS and Android so that either you, your fans, or a marketing team can share the music at any given time.

No matter if it's a song that you created, a song you discovered, a TV show you're watching, or perhaps a new movie. If you switch on the New Facebook Audio Recognition feature while your ios or Android headset is on, you can share it immediately through your status box! Facebook has giving musicians and others another means to do-it-yourself!

For our marketers at Devine Jamz Gospel Network, this is absolutely cool for us when we are listening to our featured artist's music on the go. It will help us share their music easily to a targeted audience we obtain from marketing campaigns! Check out the promo video and get started now through our partner over at TuneCoreIt's news that's hot off the Press!

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Brenda Solomon
Operations Manager
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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