The Album "Among The Gods" By Stephanie Greaves Gets The Attention of Radio Stations

Songwriter, Singer, and Pastor Stephanie Greaves is definitely receiving the popularity dully merited for recording her new album, "Among The Gods"!

Radio Stations are lined up for a interview with Stephanie and they are eager to speak with the creative person behind the vocals of a tremendous collection! Devine Jamz Gospel Network created an inventory of a number of the favored radio stations that has interviewed Stephanie and those that are scheduled to interview Stephanie within the coming days!

L.I.F. Talk With Host Cherie (USA) 16th June 2014 - (UK Time)

Colourful Radio (London) 6th September 8:00am – 8:30 am (UK Time)    

New Style Radio (Birmingham) 7th September 2:00 pm (UK)

Signature Entertainment (New York) 11th September 1:30 pm (UK Time)

LUV316 (London) 19th September Time to be TBC

Ujima Radio (Bristol) Sat 20th September 2:30 pm (UK Time)

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