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A New And Advance Online Platform is Underway For Our Partner At Indie Gospel Artists!

New Features - Coming Soon

How soon? It could be as soon as a couple weeks. We are getting very close. Indie Gospel is finally migrating away from it's home on the Ning platform. We are moving into a sophisticated, enterprise quality, Content Management System (CMS).
It's a cutting edge, open source system, recently developed by our friends over at Jamroom. They have specialized in building social /music based scripts for over 10 years, and their new system is a total "gamechanger". It simply leaves everything else in the dust. 
Ning's recent policy changes toward handling media files, put us in a real bind. Close down, move elsewhere, or carry on with no players. It has been a source of stress to me for some time, but now we have a solution that is empowering.
The content that you uploaded is safe and will transfer into the new script as JSON files. What's more, we will be able to do more than I ever dreamt possible.
The new Indie Gospel is built with adaptive CSS media queries, to serve all devices and browsers. It has sophisticated tools, unparalleled social connectivity, and full ecommerce integration.

WAAOM charities will receive deluxe accounts for FREE, there are also FREE sign-up levels for artists and regular members. All are welcome, and everyone gets to keeps 100% of any sales they make using our platform.
Businesses, pro artists, promoters, producers, and labels can also subscribe to premium services, such as advertising, or deluxe full featured accounts. For instance, labels & producers can manage multiple artist accounts simultaneously through their account.
Join for free, subscribe only if you need more features or space. Those who subscribe to paid services, will fund us forward in our mission to "win souls and feed kids".
Our content at the gospel-jukebox has already been copied over, it won't be long before our content here is also migrated. A software tool is already under development  to automate the process, and it will also be used to rescue other music based networks as well. 
One day soon you will take a huge leap forward into the future. A new password will be emailed to you, and you will be able to log-in to the new system - with your content intact.
What will be new? Everyone can make sales and keep 100%. What do you have? Smart phone, tablet, computer - it makes no difference. The new network adapts to any device or browser. 
Got files on Soundcloud, Flickr, Vimeo or Youtube? No problem, just import them in bulk, quickly and easily. Want to upload songs directly to the network itself, it's easy, and every popular form of media is supported. What's more, your content is linked to a powerful and safe ecommerce solution. 
Your customers and clients can pay direct by credit card, from practically anywhere in the world, or just check-out through Paypal. Make endless playlists, our new branded players will work even on Facebook. Social sign in and sharing options are endless. Content management is down to a science, I could go on and on...
What's old? We get to keep the content we collectively have pooled together, as a means of attracting attention to worthy charities and spreading the Gospel. Our radio and advertising sites are unaffected, as is our Biker Ministry, newspaper, podcast, and various charity sites.
Scripts, plugins, server space, domain names, programmers - they all cost money and boy can they suck it up fast. If you are a person of means, now would a good time for some donations to come in. Our donate button is tax deductible through WAAOM 501(c)(3), please help if you can.
The new script is up and running, and I'm configuring it behind the splash screen over at
Be Blessed,
Ken Rich
Network Creator

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