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Devine Jamz Christian Pop Artist “Gina Mariah” Live On “Indie Gospel Radio”
If there’s one radio broadcast show you don’t want to miss please be sure not to miss Gina Mariah live on Indie Gospel Radio - In The Spotlight (Aug. 6th, 10 PM est.). 

Why? Because, I know that you will be inspired from the testimonies you are going to hear if you tune in! By the way, when I say testimonies I do mean plural. I heard through my sources there is going to be a special guest caller to speak with Gina that will add to the greatness of how God has been so good! And you also will have a chance to speak with Gina. Check out the related links below to get the call in number!
So get Aug 6th, 10 PM est. locked in your calendar saints and prepare for a hot interview provided by Indie Gospel Radio and Host Ken Rich!

Gina's Music Career:

The music career of Gina Mariah is just beginning. She has written more than 25 songs. It's music with a mission for a reason. Its inspiring, catchy music that matters in your life! She moved out to Los Angeles last year from MN to pursue acting, singing and voiceover work. Her first single is called "Do You Know?" It asks the question do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I care? It is a Christian song with references to faith, but she has had non believers request for to perform at weddings. It is catchy and many have said uplifting or inspiring.

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