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TuneCore is Unlike Any Other Major Distributor or Publishing Company

TuneCore Canadian Artists was in the spotlight again, most recently at North by Northeast (NXNE) in Toronto June 2014! Over 80 of TuneCore's artists performed at the event putting on a show for all to remember! TuneCore caught up with Montreal-based duo artists Adventure Club. They are also represented with TuneCore's distribution and publishing services. They spoke with them about their career and the services that TuneCore provides! I found this very unique because it's not often that I read or hear about online major distributors or publishing companies providing interviews for their clients at events where they perform. Typically online distributors and publishers will list artist's music in online stores and help collect royalties from streaming and purchases. Maybe you will see a banner or sponsor logo here and there at an indie artist event. But rarely you hear of major distributors actively pushing their artists music through interviews at live events! That's some serious PR for you family!
That is why I speak so highly about TuneCore services! Story after story they prove why indie artists seek and partner with them for distribution and publishing services! They are known for going beyond the norm by providing artists with publicity on occasions such as the NXNE in Toronto. Check out the interview they gave music duo, Adventure Club. See for yourself why indie artists  partner with them to reach the mass! In my opinion, TuneCore gets more involved with their artists than any other  online major distributor and publishing company!

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Brenda Solomon
Operations General Manager
Devine Jamz Gospel Network