Recents in Beach

A Man That Has Much To Be Thankful For!

Dr. John E. Bell is A Surgical Podiatrist with 5 office locations in his home area of Memphis, TN. Dr. Bell is also a book author of 4 books and is a music artist of Soul/Gospel music. He has recorded 2 albums one EP album and his album "Dating again" is actually a movie soundtrack for a movie he Co-directed, acted in and Produced entitled, "The Internal Mist of Love"(2014). The movie was inspired from his famous book, "Invasion of the Baby Daddy" and the book,"Do I fit the Color of the Rainbow?"( Dr. Bell has performed his unique and soulful music in Memphis at the Historical Daisy theater on Beale Street and at the famous Levitt-Shell theater in Memphis as well. He has performed in London, England, Holland, Amsterdam and Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Bell has one child and is a proud Father and thankful for all that God has blessed for him to achieve. Dr. John Bell is open for all the forth coming opportunities to share his message of God's greatness with his music, movie and career.


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