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The Quest For Christian Recording Artists To Receive A Free 1-Year Marketing Promotion Continues
Artists get your song on multiple optimized Christian playlists at no cost to you! If you know anything about search engine optimization, then you know that an optimized SoundCloud Playlist will increase your chances for being heard!

Also, if your SoundCloud song is listed for purchase at, it will also be listed for purchase on the multiple playlist we will insert your music on. Only difference, Devine Jamz don't charge you anything! That means you now have music for sale on 3 additional websites at no extra cost. If that's not outreach I'm not really sure what is family! You keep all the revenue received from our SoundCloud playlists and websites!

Don't pass up a freebie saints! The clock is ticking and we are almost at the closing date and time to select 13 recipients for a 1-year SoundCloud marketing promotion! Sign Up Here to enter your SoundCloud song!

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