Which Distribution And Publishing Services Are You Using?

TuneCoreHi friends! Thank you and welcome to all who recently joined our Google circle at Devine Jamz Gospel Network! It's an honor to share with you information that I hope will give you more insight for your music career and help with your decision making. In the past I shared information about TuneCore's distribution and publishing services that helps with Online Music Marketing. A recent report revealed that indie artists earned $34.1 million in revenue in just the first quarter of 2014 using TuneCore services. TuneCore put music in the most popular digital stores around the world, like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and more. When your music is sold or streamed, you receive 100% of your distribution sales revenue, and they provide detailed sales reports so you can see exactly where that money came from. Check out TuneCore Blog Posts and read why they are among the best at what they do for indie artists. TuneCore takes care of its musicians and fights to collect their earnings!

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