Coming Soon The Annual SoundCloud Gospel Song Promotion 2014 - 2015

Coming Soon The Annual SoundCloud Gospel Song Promotion 2014 - 2015!

Christian Gospel Artists it’s that time for our annual give away promotion! We will select and promote 13 Unsigned Indie Gospel Artist's SoundCloud song for 1 year at no cost.

The selected SoundCloud Songs will be placed on digital players located on various marketing websites for the best reach and maximum exposure!

Our industry partners and leaders will select from the artists who sign up for our free promotion on the dates that will be announced in a follow up blog post. Those chosen will receive a long term advertising promotion from July 2014 to July 2015. Millions will be able to hear your music on the optimized marketing websites designed to promote Independent Gospel Music.

So if you haven't already, subscribed to our blog now and stay tune for the next announcement! It will have the sign up form for you to submit your best SoudCloud Gospel track for consideration! Talk soon!

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