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'God's Vessel' is going full throttle with new album "Purpose Driven" (I Got Ten Behind Me)

Birthed from a conversation with a friend remarking the change in his life, the title "Purpose Driven" is a celebration of the new direction Flint, Michigan native God's Vessel aka Antoine T. Minor is taking. He has discovered a new purpose in life, living his life for Christ.

He is purpose driven in all that does, choosing to impact the world for the Kingdom of God almighty. God's Vessel Music exists to use everything God has placed in him to impact the world around him and the world at large, starting with his local community.

He's building the Kingdom of God and helping to increase His 'royal' family by sharing this gospel message everywhere he can. His transformation was one for the ages and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Many around him have taken notice of the new life and major role Christ plays in Minor's life.

His love for music is also a part of the transformation. His whole life has changed and his desire to 'pay it forward' led him to subtitle his new project: "I Got Ten Behind Me". These 13 tracks will bless your soul!

As days, weeks and moments continued, I reflected on the title of the album. I realized that those who are around me and impacted by me are ten or more. Children, teenagers, youth, men, women...naturally and supernaturally. At least ten or more people are impacted by me and the decisions and moves I make.

Well, we know he's got more than ten behind him now. God's Vessel's music is soon to impact radio and digital media across the country.

You can keep up with him on facebook, twitter, Instagram, GODtube and Youtube.

Don't want to wait for new music? You don't have to! Visit the Soundcloud page, today! Like what you hear, or have an encouraging word for God's Vessel? Send him an email, here.

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