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The eReleases Buzz Builder And Press Release Distribution Promotion Ends June 30th

Artists there is still time to take advantage of the JUNE COUPON SPECIAL and $25 Off on Buzz Builder or press release distribution by our connected partners over at eReleases!

Whether your looking for an intensive Personal Publicist program that includes a one-year PR strategy, or just a single press release written and distributed, our connected team of writers at eReleases can help you attract significant media attention for your news, event and announcements. For those who may not be aware, eReleases' General Distribution is a comprehensive U.S. national distribution that includes more than 30,000 journalists and editors at more than 17,500 news outlets who write and report on various subjects and industries for the news outlets. Additionally, their in-house database includes the top 100 newspapers nationwide. Devine Jamz Gospel Network get special promotion codes to help our followers save a few bucks! But, our promo codes are usually for a limited time only!   

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