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Christian Music Reviewer Fred Willis and David Moore Will Select Recipients For A Free 1-Year Music Marketing Promotion!

SoundCloud Gospel Song Marketing Promotion 2014 - 2015

With only days away Fred Willis And David Moore will take on the big task to select Devine Jamz’s 2014 - 2015 Indie Gospel Artist recipients that will receive a free one-year Gospel song marketing promotion!

Fred Willis and David Moore are both independent music reviewers that publish Christian reviews at They are also music reviewers who were among the many applicants that responded to our music review partnership position advertised on Christian Volunteering and other platforms designed to search for great candidates.

Chosen by prayer, spiritual advisors, our founder, and myself the executive vote was unanimously and overwhelmingly in favor for these awesome music publishers. They brought additional years of experience to our team of professionals.

In all honesty, it was a fairly easy choice to select after reviewing the outstanding credentials and services that Fred Willis and David Moore provides to their audience and followers.

Fred Willis not only examine Christian music, but he also examines Fort Worth Churches, Forth Worth Funeral Businesses, and he is the CEO and owner of the SoulProsper Media Group (SMG).

Being the visionary of burgeoning Media Company has its challenges but Fred enjoys them all. Together with gospel music and church press releases, SMG operates SoulProsper Radio, available on several Internet media outlets. Fred is a musician, sound engineer and minister. He takes great pride in the columns he writes and the shows he produces. You can see it in the quality of his genre leading columns and shows.

David Moore examines Oakland Christianity, Concord Christianity, Oakland Christian Music, and was recently selected to be Katelyn McCarter's exclusive PR.

David Moore is a Christian songwriter, along with his wife Krista Tyde Moore. In 2012, they formed their own group called "Tyde Moore." It's not really a band, just two married songwriters, releasing their work to the public; they feature other artists in their releases and do not perform themselves. David is a graduate of DVC's Music Industry Studies program and is currently furthering his education in Business Administration to advance in the music industry.

We are very proud of these Men-of-God and would like to take this time out now to thank them for their efforts. I also want to thank our PR Blog Minister Dale Cook and our partners that work behind the scene. They graciously provide their personal time and professionalism to serve others through our network! "Many are called but few are chosen" Matthew 22:14. I’m certain God has more big plans for them all!

This is a prime example of one of my favorite verse I often share; “We do all this for the sake of the gospel, that we may share in its blessings.” 1 Corin 9:23

If you haven’t, join Devine Jamz Google Circle and stay informed from the works published by our partners. 

You will also get a jump on our next blog post announcing the SoundCloud Marketing Promotion, which will included the 'submit form" with specific instructions. Talk soon!


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Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Email: support(at)devinemarketers(dot)com

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