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Could You Use A Radio Interview To Reach More Fans? Our Indie Gospel Radio Partner Can Help You Out!

Could You Use A Radio Interview To Reach More Fans? Our Indie Gospel Radio Partner Can Help You Out!
A Partnership For Kingdom Building 

Since the beginning of our partnership with Indie Gospel Artists, there has been nothing but good things manifesting from the two ministries! Our joint forces have provided more awareness to Independent Christian Recording Artists that need more exposure and potential fans! Today, our partnership is stronger than ever and continues to provide services through our joint efforts.

A Diverse Gospel Radio Station

Indie Gospel Radio by Indie Gospel Artists helps independent recording artists reach a broad and diverse yet targeted population! If you have been blessed to receive any of the services by Indie Gospel Artists, you know that they have proven their ability to help bring you more exposure! 

Listeners, Interviews, Call-in-Shows, And Programs

These guys operate using Live DJ's (on scheduled dates and times), call-in-shows and other ministry programs! Wouldn't it be cool if their listeners would call up your show and ask you questions while you are being interviewed live on radio? Even more, what if these same listeners hear your testimony and become interested with your ministry and start following you on social networks, thus becoming a fan!  

Well that's what's up over at Indie Gospel Artists. They have a very diverse community and can offer your ministry the best exposure to all of God's people. Heck, if you are hot like that our staff at Devine Jamz Gospel Network might call your interview show and offer you a marketing and advertising package! And it doesn't matter what genre of Christian music you listen to or minister. Their vision is similar to Devine Jamz Gospel Network. That is, it's not about us - it's all about Jesus! They expose all Gospel and Christian artists!

Take it from Devine Jamz, you can't go wrong with Indie Gospel Radio Fam! Get over there now and get an interview spot for your music ministry! Tell Ken Rich, the founder/CEO or his staff that Brenda over at Devine Jamz Gospel Network recommended you to hit him up for an interview!

How Will Indie Gospel Radio Promote Artists?

If selected, Indie Gospel Radio will schedule you for a half hour interview on "In the Spotlight". If you are an artist they will play 3 of your songs during the interview and an archive will exist later that you can use in promos.

Also, if you are not an artist they can do a show to promote your Ministry or to explore a Christian topic you wish to discuss!

Comments or Questions

I hope this blog post has been a blessing for you my brothers and sisters. As always, I pray that you receive God's devine favor in every area of your life. Do me a favor family and leave me a comment if this has been helpful OK! Your returned love is appreciated!

Oh yeah, let me know the date and time you are scheduled for an interview with Indie Gospel Radio in the comment box below. I will help boots your announcement for more potential listeners!

Talk Soon!
Brenda Solomon
General Manager

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