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TuneCore Forms An Alliance To Better Serve Musicians

TuneCore Forms An Alliance To Better Serve Musicians

Hi family, I just received a news update from our partner over at Tunecore. They formed a partnership with Bandzoogle to give musicians the opportunity to build a professional website. If interested, you can get Bandzoogle's 30-Day Free Trial - Plus Save 15% on the First Year!
TuneCore is also now a major distribution partner with KKBox. This gives musicians the opportunity to get their music heard in the Asian market. If you didn't know, this music market is ready to explode family! I did a little research and found out that  KKBox is taking the lead with over 200 million subscribers already! This is certainly something you might want to research and consider when you select your demographics as you target fans for your marketing campaigns!

Of course, this is just my opinion and you should always do your own homework when selecting any type of service. But, I stand strong with TuneCore because I used their services myself and I have benefited from them creating marketing campaigns for indie artists. Check it out, see if this will be of some help for your music ministry!

As always, I pray for your devine favor and may the Lord give you discernment and wisdom as you choose services for your music ministry! Talk soon!

Brenda Solomon
General Manager

Marketing The Gospel By
Devine Jamz Gospel Network