Recents in Beach

Jay Bratten has his way with your favorite classic hymns

The album gets off to a fast start with “At the Cross” and “Leanin” and steadies with Bratten’s “String Lude”. Each song contains Bratten’s interpretation of classic hymns. Some are familiar and others require their own rendezvous through the church hymnal.

Bassist Jay Bratten has his way with our favorite hymns and the church said “Amen”! “Hymns My Way” is Bratten’s debut album as he steps from the backline to the frontline of gospel music. For over a decade now (as bassist for world renowned acts), he has gleaned from multi-genre, chart topping artists and is now all tuned up and ready to play his own brand of music!

Bratten has assembled an All-Star cast, to line the album credits. Names like “TC “Clay, NeeCee Trott, Aaron Camper and “JB” Bratten grace the high powered debut from the dynamic bassist and composer. The wide range of arrangements vary from cinematic to industry forward. Without a doubt, Bratten has his way with these hymns. Bratten and his mother team up in a virtual, yet dramatic search through a stack of LP static that takes listeners to a nostalgic rendition of “Precious Lord” accompanied by his cousin/ her nephew William “JB” Bratten.

Bratten is a budding producer along with this album is sharpening his ear as producer for “NeeCee” Trott’s forthcoming release. “Hymns My Way” is 16 tracks of pure musical genius. You’ve never heard these hymns this way and unless Bratten is playing, you never will again! This instant classic full of classic music will be available on all digital music outlets.

“This project was something that didn't start off as big as it became! It was something I just felt the need to do. There was WAAYYY too much commercial music out here! I'm a real musician. I like REAL instrumentation - real pianos, real strings, real drums, real everything! And in this album, that’s what you get! Real Music! I LOVE GOD and He gave me a gift that I’ll never take lightly! I’m excited about this project and hope listeners have an awesome experience hearing what was given from God, to me, to them!”

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