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Jermaine Morgan's "LIFE" album is a breath of fresh air!

Gospel/Jazz bassist Jermaine Morgan’s new album “Life” is one of the best projects available now. Though most reviews open with similar lines, this statement holds true for this musical masterpiece! From start to finish, the journey this album takes you on is one you never want to end; and thanks to most auto repeat options, it doesn’t have to! “Life” by Jermaine Morgan is your new favorite album.
Throughout his musical career Jermaine has had the honor of sharing the stage with many names such as Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, Darwin Hobbs, Juanita Bynum, Byron Cage, Richard Smallwood, Dottie Peoples, William Murphy, Myron Williams, Trent Cory, Saxiphonist Angella Christie and many others. He Currently serves as bassist for New Birth M.B. Church in Atlanta GA, where he regularly plays to over 25,000 members weekly. 
The opening track featuring “Yana” (his daughter) and fellow bassist Nate Holloman team up to set the tone for the whole album…a real jam album! Morgan, an accomplished bassist doesn’t shy away from camaraderie either, Holloman is just one of the many other bassist giving ‘life’ to this project!
Where He Gets it From
Jermaine Morgan is originally from the small town of Houston, Mississippi. He is a very versatile musician and producer from a very musical family. He and his older brother Ken grew up watching their mother play bass and piano for the local home church. Naturally, the interest in music was passed down to the both of them. In his earlier years of learning, Jermaine says that he was taught most of what he learned by his older brother who was also a multi instrumentalist.
Another musical gem on this album is “No Words” which transports listeners to a place of euphoria, entranced by the ethereal synth sounds and smooth bass melodies. Towards the middle of the album, Morgan introduces possibly the smoothest groove on the album entitled: “Prayer Melody” which features Ron James, Darius Fant and Anthony Dixon.
There truly are ‘no words’ to describe how amazing this psalm of worship is. Add it to your devotion or meditation time playlist. Upon hearing it, the song was immediately added to the SoulProsper Radio “Healing Stream” playlist which airs nightly from 10pm-8am CST.
A real highlight of the album is “Funky Time” which features some more familiar names Carlton “C-Dub” Whitfield (organ, who recently released his own album), Jeremy Haynes (drums) and Alan “Snoop” Evans, one of the most in demand bassists in gospel music.
Much like “Yana’s Groove”, Morgan draws on his hometown (Houston, Mississippi) roots in another down home jam! The closer employs bass, synth bass and the funkiest trio and rhythm section on wax.

You can purchase Morgan's previous projects here and for all things Jermaine Morgan, visit his website!

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