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Gospel Recording Artist Melody Pesina


Overcoming adversity with a deep love for Christ, singer/songwriter Melody Pesina pours out her spirit and soul into music, melody, expression, and deep worship as she sings. She has been a soloist since the tender age of 5 years old and has had many musical influences which span from gospel, r&b, country, and even rock music. Her experience includes many public performances in several spectrums, being a guest artist on two rap tracks, cutting a professional demo, and also the release of a professional independent album in May 2012. Dedicated to capturing her audience, Melody is focused on the goal of gaining a world wide audience and platform while encouraging, uplifting, and drawing them into the Lord's presence with her musical stylings and expression of love to the King of Kings - Jesus Christ!


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Pesina Management 806-392-4892

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Shawn Hay at Office (301) 641-0814

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