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Partnership With And CEO Of SoulProsper Media Group

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In our recent quest to form a partnership with other professional Christian Music Reviewers, Devine Jamz Gospel Network selected and gratefully welcome to our team of professionals, Examiner Fred Willis.

It was a fairly easy choice to select after reviewing the outstanding credentials and services that Fred Willis provides to his audience and followers. Not only do Fred Examine Gospel Music, he also examine Funeral Businesses and Churches as well.

Gospel Music PR Blog
About Fred Willis: Examiner of Gospel Music, Funeral Business, and Churches. Fred Willis is CEO and owner of the SoulProsper Media Group (SMG). Being the visionary of a burgeoning Media Company has its challenges, but Fred enjoys them all. Together with gospel music and church press releases, SMG operates SoulProsper Radio, available on several internet media outlets. Fred is a musician, sound engineer and minister. He takes great pride in the columns he writes and the shows he produces. You can see it in the quality of his genre leading columns and shows!

Devine Jamz Gospel Network and partners look forward to a great collaboration with Fred and I recommend our followers and affiliates to experience his ministry and services!

Brenda Solomon
General Manager
Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Email: support(at)devinemarketers(dot)com

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