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2014 Music & Arts Love Fellowship Conference - By Founders Edwin Hawkins & Walter Hawkins

2014 Music Arts Love Fellowship Conference - By Founders Edwin Hawkins And Walter Hawkins

BUSINESS OF GOSPEL MUSIC: In this class you will learn about copywriting, publishing, artist management, booking agent, recording producing, promoting, public relations/publicity and road managing.

CHOIR DECORUM/DIRECTING: This class is designed to instruct those in music ministry on the proper approach, attitude and etiquette of this particular ministry. This is the do’s and don’t session. Topics discussed are proper attitude, suitable attire, personal hygiene and sensitivity to the move of God. The course also offers instructions in the basic principles of choral directing, movements, body language and alternative communication techniques.

DRAMA: In this class you will learn the proper use of the body language, vocal intensity, self-awareness, vocal projection, awareness of environment and facial expression. You will also have the opportunity to use your new acting skills in a dramatic presentation during the conference.

GOSPEL MUSIC MINISTRY: The course will explore how Gospel Music can be an effective ministry for Christ within and out of the church. We will examine motivations and explore objectives that should be considered by every Gospel Music Performer.

HISTORY OF GOSPEL MUSIC: The History of Gospel Music highlighting contributions of great Gospel artists of the past and present, the importance to sing with a spiritual sound, and the understanding of Gospel Music.

MASS CHOIR REHEARSALS: Unpublished songs submitted by known as well as unknown songwriters are selected prior to the conference by Pastor Edwin and his selection team. The songwriters are then notified of their selection or non-selection. If their song(s) are selected the songwriter or representative is then required to be present to teach the song to the choir under the guidance of Edwin Hawkins. If the song(s) can be taught and learned before the Saturday Live Recording, the song(s) could possibly appear on the Live Recording CD and DVD.

MUSICIANS CLASS: An introduction to the “Art” of Gospel Music Accompaniment.

PIANO/KEYBOARD TECHNIQUE: Piano and Keyboard techniques, ear training, chord progressions, the power of intervals, improvisation and secret cycles of 4th and 5th are just a few subjects covered in this class.

SCARED DANCE: The interpretation of Gospel Music through the use of body in movement edifying and glorifying the Lord.

SONG WRITING: This course involves theme, lyrics structure, harmony and melody lines. We will also discuss how to select appropriate song titles.

VOCAL TECHNIQUES: Instruction in tonality, breathing, range and other selected basic principles of singing applicable to vocal presentation. A must for all singers striving for excellence.

Principles on how to enter God’s presence.

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