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1st Annual Worship and The Arts Conference

1st Annual Worship and The Arts Conference

Artise Studios, along with a host of community leaders will host its 1st Annual Worship and The Arts Conference on Thursday, April 3rd through Saturday, April 5th, 2014. A major highlight of this eventful weekend will be our conference closing program: a City-Wide Community Exhibit Fair and Unity Concert.

This highly-anticipated worship and arts conference will bring together leaders and community members from churches and organizations around the city, with more than 16 interactive workshops that will allow individuals to learn about the role of a Levite in the modern-day evangelical church, while also utilizing practical “how-to guides” that will assist in building and maintaining a fluid worship service, as well as understanding how to effectively develop community engagement and outreach.

It is our goal that this conference will produce a group of transformational leaders who will become a strategic part of the social and economic development of the city of Jacksonville and surrounding cities, through unified efforts of volunteerism. By increasing the number of individuals who are actively participating in civic engagement, we become one step closer to eradicating social issues among marginalized populations within our city.

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