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Old Path Bible College & Seminary

Old Path Bible College & Seminary

By Dr Johnny Tyson

  • Earn an accredited associates degree in Christian Theology.
  • 18 courses at your own pace. (9-18 months). $40.00 per course.

  • Earn an accredited bachelors degree in Practical Ministry.
  • 18 courses at your own pace (9-18 months) $50.00 per course

Old Path Bible College & Seminary
Pay per course
Location: Online USA

About Us

Old Path Bible College offers two programs of study in Christian Theology and Practical Ministry, which can be studied online. Our programs are designed to edify the body of Christ, equip the saints for works of service, and to bring our students to maturity and unity of the faith.

We look forward to serving the needs of students who would like to study at their own pace, from the convenience of their own home and you can pay as go. Our programs are designed to help you to grow in their faith, increase your knowledge of the Bible and/or develop ministry gifts. Feel free to view our course listings and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.


Our graduates are eligible for licensing/ordination through the Ambassadors Ministerial Fellowship.

Online Student Center

Students you can log into the Online Student Center to download your course materials and submit your student reports/quizzes for grading.

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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