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Johnny C. | Contemporary Christian Artist

Johnny C. | Contemporary Christian Artist

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With an upbeat sound, full of life, energy, and inspirational lyrics “Come Alive” is sure to be a hit for Johnny C. The song written during the years of Johnny’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is about asking God to come into your life, remove all the darkness and fill it with love, faith and hope.

Johnny's Story - The Story of Penny Rain

Johnny Callicott was a professional drummer for many years and became addicted to drugs and alcohol. His addictions eventually rendered him homeless and lost for 15 years. Living in and out of jail, rehabs, crack houses and on the street caused him to conclude there was no way out. He was convinced he was going to die a drug addict, but God had other plans for him.

When the mother of his son (Stacy Gage, also an addict) was brutally murdered by a serial killer, Johnny went into rehab for the 13th time. What he thought would be a 3 to 6 month stay turned into 2 years of writing songs and seeking God's will for his life. Johnny C, as he is known to his fans, has now been drug and alcohol free since 2008. He has written more than 50 songs. He plays drums in church, and sings and tells his life story at rehabs, homeless shelters, and wherever he can bring hope to those consumed by addiction.

Johnny recently recorded his debut album, "Penny Rain". The title track, "Penny Rain", reflects his life in drugs and how God came and saved him. The inspiration for "Penny Rain" came from a story he read about a very rich man who would pick up pennies, read the inscription "In God We Trust", and be reminded that all of his blessings were from God. One rainy night, after leaving a rehab in Daytona Beach, Florida, Johnny was again homeless with no money and no friends; his life was in chaos. Thoughts of ending it all crossed his mind. That's when it caught his eye - a shiny penny. Encouraged, the next day he entered Fresh Start Ministries in Orlando, Florida, and four years later, at the Circle of Love in Jacksonville, Florida, "Penny Rain" came to life. The song "Angel" is in rememberance of Stacy Gage, and how God assured him that she made it home to heaven.

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