His Uplifting Music (HUM) Presents An inspirational Song, Still Listening

His Uplifting Music (HUM) Presents An inspirational Song, Still Listening

Website: www.tarsavena.com

Written by TarsaVena and her father Rev. Joe James Peterson Sr., the music was arranged by Mr. Tony Nixon from Demopolis, Alabama. It’s featuring TarsaVena's husband, Cedric "Mr. Setitoff" Haywood.

Often times, when we are in a storm we do not listen to God, to family, to friends, or to people in general. We are stuck in a "pity party." We don't want to hear; we just want to cry and be depressed. We have allowed the negative spirit of depression to take over our lives. The best thing to do when you are going through a storm or several storms is to sit down quietly to hear the voice of God. You should be still listening to His word!

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