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Real Life Twitter Marketing Strategies That Work in 2014

Real Life Twitter Marketing Strategies That Work in 2014

GUEST BLOG POST: By David Riklan

Twitter has over 500 million members (ie. potential customers)for your products and services. If you only reach 1 out of 10,000 people, that's 50,000 new potential customers.

>>>> Maybe, you dabbled in using Twitter before and found it a waste of time.


>>>> Maybe, you've never marketed anything on Twitter before. Either way, it's time to stop ignoring this powerful source for leads, subscribers and business and find out exactly how to use it.

Join me for this FREE 1 HOUR WEBINAR to find out exactly how to tap into the power of Twitter.

Our webinar is called "Real Life Twitter Marketing Strategies that Work in 2014."

In the training, I will teach you:

1) How to use laser targeting to find and contact consumers and business owners on Twitter who fit your target market.

2) How to generate leads and subscribers daily for your business using Twitter

3) The best approaching for direct selling on Twitter.

4) Specific strategies for finding and approaching Joint Venture Partners and affiliates on Twitter.

5) How to position yourself as an expert and track your competitors on Twitter.

6) How to automate or outsource more than 90% of the work involved

We are looking forward to helping you grow your business using Twitter.

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