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Eagle Ads | Christian Base Advertising We Use With Our Marketing Bundle

Eagle Ads | Christian Base Advertising We Use With Our Marketing Bundle

Now that you have your songs mastered and placed in stores, you need a strategy to get sales right. To do this you obviously will need to get traffic to land on your sales page. There are numerous ways to get traffic. Some of the ways take much longer than others. And some of the methods takes time and much dedication! But there are times and numerous reasons why one might want traffic fast! In these situations, our primary source is Eagle Ads. It helps us rank higher in search engines so that our websites be at the top of the page when folks are searching for our type of services. Also, it's useful for us when we provide marketing services for our clients which includes advertising of Splash Pages, Banners, and Links!

Eagle Ads advertising is cost effective and responsive. They are also a portal into 4 huge marketing networks where you can display your goods and services to leverage the power of marketing. These are the Matrix, Kiwi, Platinum Solo, and Platinum Text networks.

What we like most about Eagle Ads, is that they are also part of a Nonprofit Christian Social Network and the funds they generate are used to spread the Gospel.

At Eagle Ads they multiply your efforts by connecting you to tens of thousands of affiliate marketers through a safe portal, utilizing the best tools in the business.

They even go the extra mile by investing in an advanced splash page creator with statistics tracking and ad rotators. It allows you to drive traffic with custom designed squeeze and capture pages that we use at Devine Jamz Gospel Network (Here is an example).

Sign-up (FREE) to receive a small monthly ad pack including 1 splash page, with no obligation!

If you run into any difficulties or simply have questions about the service, you can contact our friend Ken Rich! You will be happy to know that he is also a musician just like many of you and he's the creator of the Indie Gospel Artists Network!  

This is what Devine Jamz Gospel Network tested and use! It works if you're looking for traffic!


Brenda Solomon
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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